Quick, reliable and easy measurements in the field or laboratory

In addition to our core instrumentation lines, we also offer miscellaneous devices for diverse applications. Most of them are used as stand-alone devices, such as:

  • PlanTherm PT 100: device measuring heat stability of plants;
  • Gas Mixing System GMS 150: device for precise mixing of up to 4 different gasses;
  • Spectrometer SM 9000: device used for various applications in high-resolution and high-sensitivity spectroscopy;
  • Oxycorder 401: device used to measure dissolved oxygen in photosynthesis research.

Furthermore, some of them may be used as valuable accessories to our core instruments:
Gas Mixing System GMS 150 complements our Photobioreactors, Multi-Cultivators or Growth Chambers.
Spectrometer SM 9000 can form an important complement to PSI Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope to establish a unique micro-imaging and imaging experimental setup.