PlanTherm PT 100
Miscellaneous Devices for Diverse Applications

PlanTherm PT100 device allows fast and easy estimation of heat stability of plants, algae or cyanobacteria. A leaf segment or algae cells are immersed in a water bath with de-iononized water and gradually heated from 20°C up to 85°C, duration approx. 30 minutes. The linear heating is coupled with a continuous monitoring of changes in the conductivity of the bath.

Key Features

  • Sample chamber for small up to middle site leaves, leaf segments, algae or cyanobacteria suspensions.
  • Precisely controlled gradual (linear) heating of plant segments with the slope up to 3 °C/min
  • Accurate temperature measurements (±0.02 °C) within the range of 20 – 85 °C
  • High accuracy conductivity measurement within 0.01 – 1,000 µS/cm

  • Measurement of the minimal chlorophyll fluorescence intensity (F0 level)
  • Compact device including measuring unit, magnetic stirrer, thermoregulator and mini computer in one case
  • Built-in scripting (R environment) language allows custom analysis of measured responses

PlanTherm PT 100

PlanTherm PT 100 device allows fast and easy estimation of heat stability of plants. A plant segment is immersed in a water bath with deionized water and gradually (linearly) heated (20 – 85 °C, duration approx. 30 minutes). During the heating, changes in the conductivity of the bath are continuously monitored.

The measured conductivity-temperature curve enables to determine the exact threshold temperature when leakage of ions from cells occurs. The threshold temperature is taken as a measure of the heat stability of plants. Simultaneous detection of chlorophyll a fluorescence intensity (so called minimal fluorescence level – F0) during the heating provides information on heat stability of primary photosynthetic processes in the plant material. PlanTherm device is designed for analysis of various plant material ranging from small up to middle size leaves or leaf segments.

PlanTherm PT 100 is provided with built-in Mini-PC unit with preinstalled Windows 10 operation system, which offers intelligent and intuitive user-interface. ProfleCon graphical user interface allows to setup experiment, analyze data and export measured curves to textual output fle. Plots of currently running experiment, measured raw data and analyzed results can be displayed on the main screen.


  • Fast estimation of both the constitutive and inducible heat tolerance of plants
  • Thermal stability of plants
  • Stress tolerance and acclimation responses
  • Photosynthetic research
  • Detection of biotic and abiotic stress
  • Plant’s resistance or susceptibility to stress factors
  • Agriculture and horticulture


  • Preinstalled Windows 10 operation system
  • ProfleCon control and visualization software
  • R software environment for running the custom analysis on measured signals


Measured Fluorescence Parameters:
F0, Fluorescence/Temperature curve with up to 4 fluorescence critical points estimation

Measured Conductivity Parameters:
Conductivity/Temperature curve with conductivity critical point estimation

Fluorescence Module Excitation Light Sources:
460 nm for both the saturation light and FT measuring pulse; individual intensity settings

Custom defined linear heating (1 – 3 °C/min) in defined temperature range

Temperature Control Range:
20 – 85 °C

Water Bath Volume:
7 ml

Conductivity Measurement Resolution:
0.01 µS

Temperature Measurement Resolution:
0.01 °C

Stirrer Frequency:
0 – 2,000 RPM

Data Sampling Frequency:
2 Hz

Typical Samples:
Detached leaf segments of maximum size 0.5 × 2 cm

Predefined R script for critical point searching; analysis scripts free for custom modification

Mini PC Configuration:
Intel NUC Golden Lake D33217GKE i3-3217-U 1.8 GHz; min 90 GB SSD HD, 2 GB DDR3 RAM

5 × 20 × 20 cm

Total Weight:
2 kg

Power Input:
Max. 70 W

90 – 240 V



Spare Cuvette for PlanTherm PT 100 *

Cuvette 402.000-OG 10mm

Sample Holder for PlanTherm PT 100

Includes sample holder and sample holder cube

Conductivity Probe for PlanTherm PT 100 *

PlanTherm sensor

Magnetic Stirrer Bar for PlanTherm PT 100

Magnetic stirrer bar PTFE 3x8 mm


Version Characteristics Price
PlanTherm PT 100 PT 100 is a complete system for fast and easy estimation of heat stability of plants. 10,790 €

Optional Accessories

Sample Holder Includes sample holder and sample holder cube 99 €
Spare Cuvette * Cuvette 402.000-OG 10mm 165 €
Conductivity Probe * PlanTherm sensor 490 €
Magnetic Stirrer Bar
for PlanTherm PT 100
Magnetic stirrer bar PTFE 3x8 mm 10 €