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  • Can PlanTherm PT 100 be connected to another display (than the provided one)?
  • Yes, PlanTherm can be connected with every display with DVI connector; the device is supplied with the DVI cable (the white one).

  • What is calculation principle for PlanTherm PT 100?
  • Both parameters, Ft as minimum chlorophyll fluorescence and conductivity changes, are measured by the appropriate sensors for obtaining changes in chlorophyll fluorescence and in conductivity curvature. Then the maximum inflexion points are evaluated using maximum of 2nd derivation and curvature.

  • In the PlanTherm PT 100, does the fluorescence excitation light source can be adjusted by ourselves?
  • Yes, the intensity of the measuring flashes can be set in upper ribbon menu Settings/Ft. The inserted value should be 0-100 % of intensit;, 100 % intensity corresponds approximately to 0.09 µmol(photon).m-2.s-1 per pulse.

  • When we put the measured leaf into the liquid how long time it will be cost before activity of the sample is normal and can be measured in the PlanTherm PT 100?
  • The leaf should stay in the deionized water as short time as possible, because of the leakage from the leaf. Is highly recommended to start measuring right after the leaf is inserted into the water.