Miscellaneous Devices for Diverse Applications

In addition to our core instrumentation lines, we also offer miscellaneous devices for diverse applications. Most of them are used as stand-alone devices, such as:

  • PlanTherm PT 200: device measuring heat stability of plants;
  • Gas Mixing System GMS 150: device for precise mixing of up to 4 different gasses;
  • Spectrometer SM 9000: device used for various applications in high-resolution and high-sensitivity spectroscopy;
  • Oxycorder 401: device used to measure dissolved oxygen in photosynthesis research.

Furthermore, some of them may be used as valuable accessories to our core instruments:
Gas Mixing System GMS 150 complements our Photobioreactors, Multi-Cultivators or Growth Chambers.
Spectrometer SM 9000 can form an important complement to PSI Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope to establish a unique micro-imaging and imaging experimental setup.